Linux Operating System

The Linux Operating System is a general system that runs a computer much as the more familiar Windows© Systems from Microsoft or Unix Systems from various sources.  The primary difference is that Linux is released under a license that does not require payment of license fees and provides open source code for those that want or need special  or customized  features and can complete such programming tasks themselves.

Maple Park Development Corporation uses the Linux Operating System for almost all office functions including word processing, spreadsheets, web, print, fax, DNS, and mail servers.  We do this because of the cost of commercial software with its continual upgrade requirements and because we have the in-house capability to install, maintain, and control this technology.  

While many programmers have long worked with Linux, commercial interests have recently embraced this freely available system by offering support systems that make its use easily available to the general public. Companies such as IBM, Novell, Sun, HP, Red Hat Software and others have offered hardware and needed software to make this system a necessary option for all smaller users to consider. Studies show that almost all larger users already use Linux for at least some of their computing requirements.

Maple Park offers support services to those wishing to experience Linux assistance in their needs.  We do not sell hardware or software as such is available in profusion from a  variety of sources.  We do provide specification, setup, and system maintenance assistance.

Our fax server system (Replaced by an internet service May 2014)
Extract System Configuration script

A ssh attack blocking plan.
Attachment handling system for the alpine mailer

Our DNS server

A bogusnet access control list generator for BIND

IPv6 Certification